Monthly Archives: October 2018

Friday news

We have had an extremely busy week,

We have been -

- Learning how to do column addition in Maths.

-Learning about shadows and how they change size during the day.

- Re writing parts of our Orion and the Dark story.

- Sketching our lanterns so that they can be displayed on the wall.

- Learning how to use the computer programme Scratch.

We have had a fantastic half term and have learnt so much.



We have been learning about Shadows this week.


Can you explain to me how shadows are formed?

What happens to a shadow as the light source gets nearer to the object?

What happens to a shadow as the light source gets further away from the object?

I look forward to reading your replies.

Mrs Wilcock

Friday news

This week we have been-

- Learning different strategies to work out mental calculation in Maths.

-Learning how to use fronted adverbials.

-Using our netball skills in a mini game situation.

-Learning about shadows and investigating when a shadow gets longer, shorter.

-Planning our rewrite so we can write our version of Orion and the Dark next week.

Our attendance was 96%

Our star of the week was TC! Well done



This week we have been writing speech between Orion and his mum.

Can you write some speech and punctuate it correctly?

Remember to ‘Check your 5′

1. Open inverted commas at the start of the spoken word.

2. Speech starts with a capital letter.

3. Punctuation at the end of spoken words.

4. Close the inverted commas.

5. New line for ‘new’ speaker.

I look forward to reading your replies

Mrs Wilcock

Friday news!!!!

This week we have been-

Writing conversations in English between Orion and his mum.

Learning to spell words that contain the i sound but are spelt with a y e.g. myth.

Learning to draw pictograms and block graphs.

Learning about the Bible in RE.

Playing a mini game of netball.

Well done to HM for receiving the star of the week for fantastic presentation

Attendance 96%