Friday news

We have come to the end of yet another busy week…

We have been-

  • Learning to tell the time.
  • Recognising Roman numerals
  • Answering inference questions about the Stone Age.
  • Carrying out an experiment to see how many paperclips different magnets attract.
  • Continuing  to consolidate our Tag rugby skills.
  •  Looking at the weapons they used to kill the animals in the Stone Age

Mrs Wilcock

Friday news

This week we have been-

  • Consolidating our skills in Tag Rugby.
  • Writing our diary entry from Ben’s perspective when he woke up in a cave, met Om and went to meet her family.
  • Investigating which materials are magnetic and which are not.
  • Looking at the animals that were hunted in the Stone Age
  • Learning how to use the bus stop method (division)

Well done to CCo for receiving the star of the week certificate!



We have been looking at magnets this week.


Which objects are magnetic and which objects aren’t? Which metals an object needs to have for it to be magnetic?

I look forward to reading your replies,

Mrs Wilcock


Friday news!!

We have been-

-Learning how to do the grid method.

- Looking at the features of a diary and planning our own diary entries.

- Learning how to make a swing pass in Tag Rugby.

-Carrying out our experiment, to see which surfaces had the most friction.

Our attendance was 98 %

Well done to DS and HCB on receiving the star of the week certificates.


Friday news

This week we have been- 

-          Learning our x3,x4, and x8 times tables and the associated division facts.

-          Describing Om from the Stone Age Boy.

-          Acting out the meeting between Ben and Om.

-          Investigating how far a car will travel on different surfaces in Science.

-            We dressed up as Rock stars and had a fabulous day learning our times tables.

Such a busy week, I am really looking forward to what we are going to get up to next week.

Mrs Wilcock .




Friday news

We have had such a busy week, with our new topic.

On Wednesday we went to the Eco Centre in Southport. The children behaved impeccably and I was so proud of them all. We did lots of different activities- such as playing a Stone Age board game, identifying fossils and walking to view the green beach.

We have also been reading our new book called the Stone Age boy. We have met the main characters Om and Ben and are beginning to follow them on their adventures.

In Maths, we have been learning our 4 times tables and have been learning how to do column subtraction.

I am looking forward to next week, to see what we will be learning next.

Mrs Wilcock